Photo Album Demo

This installation of ochiba demonstrates it's use in "photo album" mode. FEATURE_RESTRICT_POSTING is enabled (set to ADMINS), which means only I can post images. Anyone can leave comments, however.

There aren't that many pictures, and I won't make any claims that they are particularly fascinating. They're just here to demonstrate.

The look has been altered from the standard ochiba mostly via CSS only. Rather than alter the base ochiba.css file, I put a reference to another css file (album.css) in site.tmpl and just made changes to the default look there (overriding it). Mostly just colors and placement of the menu. It's not spectacular, but it didn't take that long. I'm hoping people will come up with CSS-based "themes" for ochiba.

In decent browsers, the menu section should be fixed so that while scrolling longer pages, it should remain in the same position, giving it a "sliding" effect. In InternetExplorer, it will scroll with the content. If you would like to benefit from the fixed menu and a host of other neat CSS things, stop using InternetExplorer.

The other significant difference is that I removed all the default menu generation from ochiba and customized it manually. This installation actually has 3 categories defined: /moblog, /events, and /travel. These are useful to me, as the owner of the photo album, but for presentation purposes, I am more interested in filtering subsets. Hence, by tagging the appropriate pictures accordingly, I can present albums of an auto show in 2003 (categorized in /events), a trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada, and a trip to Japan (both in /travel).

Any type of filtering can be done that way, using "keyword", as long as you take the effort to tag your images correctly. They don't have to be fixed in a menu. For example, here are pictures of fallen leaves. Or Mitsubishi Evolutions. These two demonstrate that keywords cross categories.

Visitors can also look up keywords on their own, but without knowing how they are tagged, it's probably a fruitless exercise.

Finally, you might have noticed there is no "Post" link. I removed it so that visitors won't be tempted to try to make a new post (which would get rejected). Instead, I bookmark a link such as this and place it in my toolbar. It's a javascript based "bookmarklet" that is then always available to me and will open up the posting window wherever I may be browsing.