#13 Bae Yong Joon from h3

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He's very popular there. I wonder if he can speak a lick of Japanese.

i love him so much

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i love u bae yong joon so so so much
i have seen ur t.v serial "winter sonata"
when i see it i cant did anything after it except i think about u
iam from egypt7its my phone number(0105632700)
i want u 2 call me please, really no no no no no one can love u like me at all except ur father&mother
i want u 2 come 2 egypt ur serial make a very massive sound 2 u
every one here love u

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hi all of u
i love byj 2222222 much
iam from egypt
i want u 2 come 2 egypt
ur tv. series was so so wonderful
we all love it &love u

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