I can't seem to reply to posts - they always end up creating a new thread. (aka the reply links don't have an id parameter)

This occurs on some systems that have a new/beta version of the HTML_Template_IT template framework. Ochiba was developed and tested against versions up to 1.2 of HTML_Template_IT, but the maintainers have made changes that cause ochiba to break in version 1.3 and higher.

To correct this problem, see the instructions for installing your own local copy of HTML_Template_IT on the requirements help page.

I get a message such as "Warning: main(HTML/Template/IT.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ochiba/includes/page.php on line 19" when I try to access ochiba.
This indicates a required package, HTML_Template_IT, is not available. Please see the requirements page for details on how to obtain it.