Ochiba Sandbox

This is a sandbox demonstrating ochiba used in "image board" mode (the default). If you're not familiar with image boards, they are a place where people can post images and discuss them. No user accounts are necessary, it's open to all. Generally, images are organized by category ("boards").

Please keep your posts SAFE FOR WORK. No nudity, extreme violence or gore, or similar material. Also, please do not post copyrighted material here. This is a sandbox provided to try out ochiba in image board mode - posts may be deleted without warning.

If you'd like to try the posting process, try submitting an image to /sandbox by clicking the "Post" link above.

If you have pictures of fallen leaves, please post them to /ochiba.

/screenshots is for posting pictures of ochiba in action, whether to show off your installation or to report problems (please follow up with a post in the support board if you are having problems).

/cooking is for images of cooking stuff.


This is blatant rip-off of the In Numerical Order Pool at Flickr - post photographs of numbers, in sequence. I thought the idea was pretty neat (reminded me of Drowning By Numbers - good movie!) so I decided to implement something like that in ochiba.

It could've done a variety of different ways, using various ochiba tricks. It could've been done as a single thread in one of the categories. However, once this got large enough, then it would've caused problems since the pager only paginates based on threads, not images within threads.

It could've been done by keywords (tags). That requires some effort on the poster to tag appropriately, but otherwise would've worked OK.

Or, create its own category for it. Which is what I decided to do. I set the category default sort order to "desc" so the most recent number appears first.

Feel free to join in and "play" this game. Here are some guidelines to make it more fun for everyone: