Ochiba requirements

As of v1.2.1 ochiba includes the two PEAR components described below.

Ochiba has two PHP requirements that may not be available on your system: PEAR::DB and PEAR::HTML_Template_IT. Whether or not these exist on your system will be indicated by install.php. Details for acquring these requirements vary, depending on the version of PHP you are using and whether you have root access to your system. On hosted systems, the first avenue to pursue is to request the components be installed by your hoster. However, if they are unwilling to support these modules, you should be able to install them locally to your account.

All of the below assume a vanilla install of PHP and Apache. If you or your hoster has made changes to the configuration of either, things may not work as indicated.

ImageMagick is a 3rd requirement - this document does not cover how you can obtain it. Most Linux users should either have it already available or easily obtain it via the standard package installation method for their distributions.

PHP with root access

To install the required PEAR modules, issue the following commands as root:

	pear install HTML_Template_IT
	pear install DB

PHP on a hosted system

If your hoster is unwilling to issue the commands above, you can install the modules locally to your account.


Download version 1.2. Newer version do not work! Place the file named IT.php in your ochiba includes/ directory. You'll then need to modify the includes/page.php file, changing this line:



	require_once(INCLUDES_DIR . "/IT.php");


Download it from http://pear.php.net/package/DB/download. Place both the file named DB.php and the directory named DB from this package in your ochiba directory. No changes to any ochiba files should be necessary.

Quick Install

The following illustrates a typical shell session in which you'd install HTML_Template_IT and DB for ochiba. It assumes you are in a directory ~/tmp that is outside of your web root, and that ochiba is to be installed into ~/public_html/ochiba/. Please note that version numbers and directory locations may differ - please don't just type these commands in blindly and expect them to work.

$ OCHIBA_DIR=~/public_html/ochiba

$ wget -q http://download.pear.php.net/package/HTML_Template_IT-1.2.1.tgz
$ tar zxf HTML_Template_IT-1.2.1.tgz
$ mv HTML_Template_IT-1.2.1/IT.php $OCHIBA_DIR/includes/
$ sed -i 's#"HTML/Template#INCLUDES_DIR . "#g' $OCHIBA_DIR/includes/page.php

$ wget -q http://pear.php.net/get/DB-1.7.6.tgz
$ tar zxf DB-1.7.6.tgz
$ mv DB-1.7.6/DB.php DB-1.7.6/DB $OCHIBA_DIR/