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Great, I'm glad it worked for you. I should probably make the code do that by default since it comes up frequently, but I've been too lazy to issue a new release.

I hope you enjoy ochiba!


no im not. ive about them, but im with a host called hostgator. i did however try those and now its working. so far so good. thnx.i would recommend locking that one or bump it :)



Are you on dreamhost by any chance?

Check out this post and see if making the changes indicated make a difference: … pid=95#p95

Note that "<" means original line, and ">" means new line(s), in case you're not familiar with the notation.


h3 , i need some help ol admin. i got ochiba to where i think its installed and running, but when i go to /admin i get the generic html page about changing this in templates blah blah. i get no love from any of the side bar links etc. i know im clsoe, just missing something.  is all i got so far.


ochiba forum → Support → HALP!!! → Post new reply

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