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Cool, actually that helps a lot! :D

Hopefully my sysadmin won't have a problem with that, I've made requests like that before and he seemed okay with them.

Thanks for all your help! Looking forward to using your software!



Hmm, actually it looks like you're in luck as your host apparently has Postgres support, so ochiba will function the same. Unlike sqlite you need a database created for you, a database username, and a database password, and only your support/sysadmin can provide those, but once you have all three of those, you can plug them into your connect string - examples of the postgres form are in conf.php.


Yeah, that was the problem.

Kind of weird, since the sqlite3 command is still there when I access my space from the command-line.

If you're interested, you can view the phpinfo page here:

I tried to set it up using SQLite because I'm a complete noob when it comes to databases and it seemed like the most straightforward option.

Would you recommend any of the other databases that my host supports? Would you be able to give me any tips on how to set them up?

Thanks for your help,



Oh, it sounds like your host does not have the sqlite extension, or may be using a newer version of PHP (specifically version 5) which does sqlite differently. Can you set up a script that just does "phpversion()" and then let me know the version it is and anything that mentions "sqlite" ?


When I tried that I got this message:

[DB Error: extension not found] ** sqlite://///mnt/volume01/chris/public_html/ochiba/ochiba.db


Could you try the little test/debug script in post#6  of that thread? It'll give a more informative error message (obviously, changing the connect string to yours).



A similar problem was discussed here:, but I wasn't able to find a solid solution for my problem.

I'm trying to setup ochiba with SQLite. I created a blank database located at "~/public_html/tmp/ochiba.db". I followed the instructions on the site for setting up PEAR::DB as well as PEAR::HTML_TEMPLATE_IT.

However, every time I run install.php I get this message:

Checking for convert (/usr/bin/convert) ... OK

Checking for identify (/usr/bin/identify) ... OK

Checking permissions on /mnt/volume01/chris/public_html/ochiba/img ... OK

Checking permissions on /mnt/volume01/chris/public_html/ochiba/thumbs ... OK

Checking permissions on /tmp/ochiba-cache ...OK

Checking for HTML_Template_IT ...OK

Checking for PEAR::DB ...OK

Checking for database definition ... OK

Checking for database connection ... FAILED - please check connection settings (sqlite:////mnt/volume01/chris/public_html/tmp/ochiba.db)

This is most likely an easy fix, but no matter how I change the sqlite://// DSN it keeps on giving me the same message.



ochiba forum → Support → SQLite connection settings → Post new reply

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