Topic: Update - v0.9.2

This is a major revision, with numerous enhancements focused on end user interface, including: a user preferences system, timestamp adjustment according to user timezone setting, alternative "popon" interface, stylesheet selection for users, pre-verification of posts when CAPTCHA is used, and an upgraded search/keyword system that can now restrict by category.

Many of these new features use CSS/Javascript that may not be compatible with older browsers. They have been tested successfully with Gecko, Safari, and IE6.

Note for upgrading: nearly all files have changed. Please read UPGRADE.txt for upgrading notes.


Re: Update - v0.9.2

Whoops - discovered a couple of sneaky bugs, so I've retracted 0.9.2 for the moment.


Re: Update - v0.9.2

OK, it's been re-released. Sorry about the fubar - please download again if you downloaded it before the time of this post.


Re: Update - v0.9.2

Anything critical? I installed the first release and noticed a glitch where search doesn't work in popup mode, but if that's all it was, I'm inclined to just tell my users to switch to iframe and wait for the next full update to come out before upgrading again.


Re: Update - v0.9.2

glitch where search doesn't work in popup mode

That was one of the glitches. The other notable one was pagination in keyword/search queries was broken (didn't paginate according to new category filtering).

So, nothing as far as crashing bugs, but I would recommend upgrading, especially since I'm so slow between releases :-|.