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I've installed ochiba, everything goes smoothly until... i post something. The post shows, but there is no thumb, only text. Something with imagemagick i think, so i check the thumbs directory. All thumbs are perfectly fine, resized and everything, just not showing in the thread. Also the bigger pictures all work. I have no idea what's wrong, it should display thumbs, but it doesn't. And there's also nothing wrong with thumbs.


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Can you take a look at the page source and look to see if the img URL is (a) what you think it should be and (b) actually works if open in the browser directly.

Another thing you could try is to turn off FEATURE_COUNT_VIEWS in conf.php, to see if the view counter is causing the problem.

This might be the kind of problem that is easily understood if I can get a look at the page myself - if you're willing, send me the URL of your site at ochiba @ x-maru.org.


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First of all, thank you for the quick response. I double-checked everything and found out what was wrong: i forgot to chmod it. My bad =) Otherwise, it's a great imageboard, very flexible and lightweight.


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My favorite kind of ending :)


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2 more questions:
how to define more moderators? Currently i have this in conf.php -> define("MODERATORS",'Du1tKp/gkY','oFRnWPpZpN'); , but only the first tripcode has moderating rights. If you try to login with the second one, it's incorrect.
And if you don't enter tripcode there's a popup. If you click anything it takes you back to the post, so there's no way to submit without a tripcode.

Regards, Az


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That should be:


i.e. one long string with tripcodes separated by commas, rather than multiple tripcode strings separated by commas. Kinda confusing, I know.

And yes, you cannot submit without a name and a tripcode, by design. There some other posts here that describe altering this behavior, if you wish. Search for "anonymous".


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Imageboard is running and it's getting a pretty great visit =) One last question: how do i add new themes to the site and in drop down list for selection?

Otherwise thank you for the great support.


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Themes are based on CSS files, so the way it works is:

1. Put css file in css/mytheme.css
2. Add a stylesheet line to templates/site.tmpl - you will see others there already to give you and idea what it should look like
3. There is no step 3!

The menu in the prefs window is auto-generated from the stylesheet (<link>) definitions in site.tmpl, so that's all it takes. Other than actually creating the css file itself, which is really beyond the scope of a forum post. For a start on that, take a look at the included ones - ochiba.css, classic.css, and futallaby.css.