Topic: mysql issues

Checking for convert (/usr/bin/convert) ... OK

Checking for identify (/usr/bin/identify) ... OK

Checking permissions on /Library/WebServer/Documents/img ... OK

Checking permissions on /Library/WebServer/Documents/thumbs ... OK

Checking permissions on /tmp/ochiba-cache ...OK

Checking for HTML_Template_IT ...OK

Checking for PEAR::DB ...OK

Checking for database definition ... OK

Checking for database connection ... FAILED - please check connection settings (mysql://root:localhost/ochiba)

this is the error that i keep getting... i think that i have it set up correctly, but seeing as i am new to all this i am not sure.


Re: mysql issues

Hmm, is "mysql://root:localhost/ochiba" really what you have in your conf.php? If so, it should look more like "mysql://dbusername:password@localhost/ochiba", filling in your database username and password of course.


Re: mysql issues

well, i have only just installed mysql, and i have navicat up and running. navicat is connected to mysql through root with no password. shouldn't that be what ochiba should connect as as well.
also, i am not 100% that localhost is where it is. but i do not know how to confirm that.


Re: mysql issues

I think most people would advise against such a setup for an Internet-facing web site given its security problems - you should create a separate user with access only to the ochiba database, for example.

In any case, to mirror how you are connecting via navicat, try "mysql://root@localhost/ochiba" (notice the @ instead of :)


Re: mysql issues

okay, used navicat to create a new user and set a password, though i gave that user all the same abilities as the root. i am not sure if i am doing any of this right.


Re: mysql issues

Does it work?


Re: mysql issues

nope... is there any fool proof way to set this up, seeing as i might just be the fool here.


Re: mysql issues

Hmm, not really since mysql (or any database other than sqlite) is outside the scope of the hardware and more of an individual system configuration matter that will vary with each computer.

You tried the "mysql://dbusername:password@localhost/ochiba" string right?


Re: mysql issues

tried that, and no luck.


Re: mysql issues

tried mysql://dbusername:password@localhost/ochiba with no luck.
though navicat has no issue connecting


Re: mysql issues

What kind of server environment are you on? What OS/web server/PHP version/MySQL version, etc