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ok so far so good. installed, cats made, DB is functional. upload is set. Problem is i cant the thumbs to show up on post. any suggestions.



Re: so far so . .. ok

Looks like there is some issue with permissions - can you tell me what the permissions and owner/group on thumbs/ and on thumbs/00, and if there's actually thumbnail files in that directory?

It should be something like rwxrwx--- apache:yourusername (ie mode 770; 'apache' may be some other name but refers to the web server process owner).

Re: so far so . .. ok

Hey there i had the permission set but no luck. np i was mostly experimenting with the script. i really enjoyed it hope it matures. the simple look and flow of it can really be something. i recommend develping it further :) will check back for updates


Re: so far so . .. ok

So does that mean that the thumbnail file does not exist (ie the thumbs/00/ directory is empty) ? What is the output of "ls -l thumbs" and "ls -l thumbs/00" ?

As sort of a brute force tactic, try:

chmod 777 thumbs
chmod 777 thumbs/00

and then try posting another picture.

The other possibility (if the thumnail file doesn't exist) is that there is a problem with convert... troubleshooting that would be more involved.