Topic: Truly Anonymous posting

I am curious as to how to hide the 'randomly' generated code/string that is displayed after the NAME entry on the post.   While it all appears to allow for ANON or UNREGISTERED posting, this code seems to follow all posters around, regardless of what name/subject/tripcode is entered into the posts.   Some of my users are nervous that this could be used to trace a post.   any ideas, suggestions?   Is there a setting to turn this off?  any help would be great.  thank you.


Re: Truly Anonymous posting

Hmm, I'm not sure which field you're referring to. In the default, there is name field followed by tripcode field. The only random thing I can see is the CAPTCHA, but you can disable that if you desire. Can you describe in more detail, or maybe post a screenshot somewhere?


Re: Truly Anonymous posting

Ok, after you make a post, and it is submitted --

the post shows the post #, the subject of the post on the first line;  next line shows the poster's name then
<######>   where # is this seemingly random post-info, but it seems to serve as a unique identifier for posters.  I didn't quite see a place in the config.php to turn that off.


Re: Truly Anonymous posting

Oh, I see, I thought you meant in the posting form. This is the tripcode hash, you can get rid of it by editing templates/image.tmpl. Look for and delete these two lines:

<em class="tripcode"><{tripcode}></em>


<em class="tripcode"><{comment_tripcode}></em>

Should be lines 45 and 60.


Re: Truly Anonymous posting

Perfect!    Fast and concise support.    Thank you very much.