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Hello again,

I decided to make a new thread as I am now in a different situation... I e-mailed my sysadmin about creating a PostregSQL account and he gave me this very vague response: "we use mysql and support phpmysql .. dedicated server, with raid and backups"

In other words, it looks like I'll have to try using mySQL.

I have no idea what to do here. Does my sysadmin have to create an account for me, or can I do that on my own?

Also, how do I actually go about *creating* a database?

I've been trying some testing locally with the root mysql account, but I keep getting this message:

Checking for database connection ... FAILED - please check connection settings ( [DB Error: extension not found] ** mysql://root:[password]@unix(/usr/local/mysql/mysql.sock)/ochiba.sql)

Very noobish questions I guess but I am a giant mySQL noob after all...




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Typically in a hosted situation, a database account is another account and somewhat separate from your system account. In other words, having one doesn't mean you have another, nor does having both mean they are the same username/password combination. That's a detail you'll have to get from your hoster/sysadmin: your mysql username and password. Usually, you'll also need the mysql database name because while it's possible, few hosters let users create their own databases.

That triplet of information should be what you need to get going. In most mysql situations I've seen, they've gone the "localhost" route for connections,  so you would set up a DB string in the form like this:


(substituting user/pass/dbname)

In rare circumstances, it might be the domain socket form so if that's the case, then you can try the later.

Before you even try with ochiba, however, you should test your database credentials outside of ochiba by trying the following from a shell:

mysql -p -u mysqlusername mysqldatabasename

It should prompt you for your mysql password and if successful, you should see a mysql prompt.

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.


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Hi again,

I e-mailed my sysadmin, and he gave me all the info I needed to set up mySQL. The install worked fine, but now I'm getting the common problem of the admin and other folders not being created (although I've dug into the scripts and I'm guessing they're not supposed to be there anyway... they're just supposed to redirect to the includes/admin.php files etc?).

I've been trying all the hacks mentioned in that one thread addressing this issue, but none of them seem to work. There was a post near the end saying something about the ~ character causing an issue, but you weren't specific as to what you changed to satisfy that.

My root is at http://music.mcgill.ca/~chris and ochiba is located at http://music.mcgill.ca/~chris/ochiba/

Thanks very much for your help so far,



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Yep, your hunch is correct, URLs such as /admin, etc don't actually map to the file system but is parsed by the index.php to decide what is being requested. This uses Apache's rewrite technique but you've run into what appears to be a common issue.

Anyway, the change I would point you to is in the thread you seem to have discovered (the issue with the tilde should be fixed and a non-issue). In particular these two changes are where I'd start,


< RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L,QSA]
> RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?$1/ [L,QSA]


< $path_parts = explode("/",$_SERVER["PATH_INFO"]);
> $path_parts = explode("/", "/" . $_SERVER["argv"][0]);
> array_pop($path_parts);

If you haven't already tried that, give it a shot and let me know how it goes. If that doesn't work, can you check with your sysadmin and confirm that mod_rewrite is available to you?


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mod_rewrite is there, and I've done those changes, but it doesn't seem to work.

Now in my "page not found" errors, I get weird url references.


Just try clicking on post or stats, etc. and see what happens.

A lot of them seem to be trying to access "/mnt/volume01/chris/public_html/ochiba/index.php" which is very strange to me.


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Wow, it just amazes me the different mod_rewrite configurations out there...

That error/path is also strange to me as well as that's a filesystem path and I can't imagine how it's showing up in a URL request.

I'd like to have you try a slightly different approach, since I'm at a loss here. Try this line instead in .htaccess:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?request=$1 [L,QSA]

And then in index.php:

< $path_parts = explode("/",$_SERVER["PATH_INFO"]);
< $path = $path_parts[1];
> $path = $_GET['request']; die($path);

and let me know what you see when you access /admin


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Yeah, same thing is still happening.

Not sure why admin is redirecting to index.php... or even why the filesystem path string is being referenced.

Also, when that die string is present in index.php, index.php shows up as a blank page.


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Boy, I'm stumped. The idea is this: when you request http://music.mcgill.ca/~chris/ochiba/admin, the rewriterule is supposed to recognize that there is no file that matches that URL, so instead rewrites the request to http://music.mcgill.ca/~chris/ochiba/index.php/admin, thereby giving the request to index.php with "/admin" as an argument. In the latter attempt, it would rewrite it as http://music.mcgill.ca/~chris/ochiba/in … est=admin. Either way, index.php would get run, detect what was being asked and act accordingly.

It doesn't get that far though. I have servers running the same OS as you, and they're not having this kind of issue with rewrite rule, and I don't mess with any configuration pertaining to mod_rewrite, so I'm left to conclude your sysadmins do. Perhaps you can point them at this discussion and something will make sense to them why this isn't working as intended.


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Hmm... that is weird

When I go to that last link, it brings me to the admin page, prompting me to enter a tripcode.

Of course I can't do anything because anything redirects back to a file not found error.

From the looks of it the problem seems to be with the .htaccess file like you said, I'll do some digging around and see what I can come up with and get back to you.

Thanks for all your help!


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I have a similar issue, but instead of errors mine just shows the plain home template no matter what i enter after /imgboard/  (i renamed it from ochiba to that) 


i've tried all the options in this thread and some from other questions.  :(


Re: mySQL setup

think i sorta figured it out.  now messing with other stuff like thumbnails


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It looks like you got hit with the HTML_Template_IT problem (your reply links don't have the proper reply ID number). Please see this post that describes how to fix it.