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I really like the possibilities of this script, I think I can help it get some attention as an imageboard. I have just a couple of requests though.

aloow ability to embed instead of image from sites like youtube and break

The ability to allow a file upload for any filetype with an icon representing certain files

see the kusabaX script for inspriation.


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Coincidentally, just last week I was working on ochiba 2 again, specifically code to allow extensions to handle file types other than images (in my case, I was working on PDF uploads, specifically, which is nice because you can still generate a thumbnail from it). This requires quite a bit of change to how ochiba 1 works so I don't see it being available as a feature until ochiba 2 is done (no, I don't have a timeline for that!).

The youtube embed idea is kinda doable now- the custom parsing functionality should allow for you to take some post syntax like <youtube:abc123> and convert it into the embed code. I would imagine embedded video for other sites would work the same way.

It would be nice to have a thumbnail for the video appear as the posted file, then onclick it would show it in a lightbox, but I haven't figured out a way to structure the user interface for this. What would the user upload, if anything? How would the parser recognize this was a video embed? etc.


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It's better you see how Kusaba X does it.


basically, the script has the format with width, height, and the movie id as variables. You set the height and width, they input the id. So you choose what you are about to embed and just add the video's id into the embed box and it would build the embed with that.

Check it out, I helped make most of these templates to work with Kusaba X and the help link by the embed box is totally my idea. I liked them but everyone uses them now, I want to go with you guys because you are a fresh original concept for an imageboard IMO. The "All Boards" option and the slideshow is brilliant.


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That's interesting and it's given me an idea. ochiba has an option to specify URLs for fetching images (instead of uploading them). It's disabled by default, but it can be used for special URL handling when youtube or other desired URLs are given.


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This sounds like an excellent idea. I do have url fetch enabled on my chan.

I'd love to see this add and the ability to add other filetypes and I would be pretty happy overall with fully supporting this script.


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Haha, just a teaser:




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So I was thinking the other day, do you have an IRC channel? If not, could you start one on Rizon? We could get some real interest in the project from others together.

Just a thought. I'm pretty good at ideas and staffing.


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I've tried IRC before and it just never works for me - I'm just not suited to it somehow. If you'd like to chat via IM, let me know.

And there's also this forum if you've thought out some features. Actually, I'm at a stage in the development where feature requests would be good - I got the basics down so I'm working on new features at the moment.


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Oh I have a few....

- an option to make the menu a static toolbar at the top of the screen with drop down menus
- instead of pages, when someone scrolls to the bottom of the page it displays the next page of content I saw this with a ipod hack and it was really cool.

well it seems I only have a couple right now. lol. You know the other ones of mine. An easier to use and understand administration area would be good too.


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Tahko wrote:

- an option to make the menu a static toolbar at the top of the screen with drop down menus

This is probably best done via custom mods to the site template. The auto-generation of the menu is a convenience and may serve for basic imageboards, but that's always been left open to customization.

Tahko wrote:

- instead of pages, when someone scrolls to the bottom of the page it displays the next page of content I saw this with a ipod hack and it was really cool.

Ahhh, I've heard that called "infinite scrolling". It's an interesting idea and certainly for busy imageboards that might be nice. I wonder though - I've seen it used mostly in text-heavy contexts so I don't know how well it would work in a image-heavy site (those thumbnails really add up), with the RAM usage skyrocketing as the page elongates.

Something to think about though.

Definitely, I'll pretty up the admin area a bit. That part is so boring I never really gave it much attention, but part of the purpose of v2 is to polish a lot of the rough edges I let linger in v1.


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I wanted keywords to hotlink to their respective /keyword/x url, so I did the following:

Added a function at the top of includes/images.php:

function hyperlink_keywords($keywords) {
    $linked_keywords = array();
    foreach(explode(" ", $keywords) as $x) {
        $linked_keywords[] = "<a href=\"" . ROOT . "/keyword/" . $x . "\">" . $x . "</a>";
    return implode(" ", $linked_keywords);

Added new template variable:

            $vars["detail_categories"] = $c? $c : $STRINGS["none"];
            $vars["detail_keywords"] = $row["keywords"] ? $row["keywords"] : $ST
            $vars["detail_keywords_hyperlinked"] = hyperlink_keywords($vars["detail_keywords"]);  // Newly added line
            $vars["modify_id"] = $row["id"];
            $vars["delete_id"] = $row["id"];

And changed template/image.tmpl to reference {detail_keywords_hyperlinked} instead of {detail_keywords}.