Topic: I can't install!

I've read the documentation and know what I am doing. I am trying to install ochiba, on my centOS 4 box. The box has SQLite. The DB configurations are as follows.

Originally, ochibatest was saved as a .db, but I changed it to an sqlite file, it didn't work either times..

Checking for database connection ... FAILED - please check connection settings (sqlite:////tmp/ochibatest.sqlite)


Re: I can't install!

Sorry I didn't see this until now!

I can't tell for certain what's going on for you but a couple of things to test include:

- is PEAR::DB working in general?
- does PEAR::DB have the sqlite extension available (having sqlite on the box is not enough, this extension must be built as well)
- have you tried in a directory other than /tmp/ ? (while I'm not sure why this wouldn't work in /tmp, I would strongly recommend not using it for production purposes- perhaps you are only testing for now).

Let me know if any of the above leads anywhere...