lucky644 wrote:

The others come back OK but the script stops at;

Checking for HTML_Template_IT ...

I've tried everything I can think of....shouldn't be any restrictions, I have full access to the server as well.

Any ideas....?

When I ran into this it was because I had not moved the required HTML_Template_IT files from my pear package to the ochiba directory as mentioned in the 'Quick Install' under the requirements.

Aaah,  it was fantastic.  In my vhost.conf for the open_basedir modification pico was wordwrapping the php_admin_value open_basedir "/directory/paths/line",  essentially cutting off the /usr/bin/ addition.

Running pico -w vhost.conf,  resaving and reloading fixed it.  Really dumb... I knew it had to be.  Thanks alot for the tip.

Hmm, if a shell reports that /usr/bin/convert exists and PHP is choking on it, then it's possible that your shell server and web server are actually different hosts, OR your web hoster has some restrictions on what can be executed. I'm gonna guess the latter. Can you contact your webhoster and see if they restrict access to /usr/bin/convert?

It's definitely the restrictions,  but for the life of me I'm unable to figure out which ones specifically.  'fraid I don't especially earn the term webhoster yet.  Unfortunately I don't know exactly why it returned FAILED on is_executable();  PHP_SAFE is off and open_basedir allows access to /usr/bin for his domain (well,  mine  specifically, but I'm attempting to run the script with the same user permissions).

I'll keep grinding away at it and post here once I figure it out for anyone else who might be doing the dumb thing I surely am.

Very slick script though,  I'm going to dump my gallery installation once I configure the server properly.  Quite impressed with the streamlined cleanliness, h3.