Release and Development

I don't have CVS access available, nor "nightlies" or anything like that. But check out the diffs page which lists changes since the last release.

2009-10-23 - v1.2.1
Minor fixes
  • Changed .htaccess rewrite rule to acommodate shared hosters such as Dreamhost
  • Fixed error handling when post is made w/o tripcode
  • Fixed occasional attaching of comment to the wrong entry when handling zipped files
  • ochiba now bundles the required PEAR::DB and HTML_Template_IT code, due to changes in the functionality
2007-04-20 - v1.2
Minor fixes
  • CAPTCHAS are now clickable to request a new one
  • Better error reporting when upload size exceeds the maximum
  • CSS fix for IE7
2006-02-03 - v1.1
Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Error reporting on uploads > max size
  • Fix the damn dollar sign thing (HTML_Template_IT bug)
  • RSS link on keyword pages
2005-12-16 - v1.0
Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • New: Post button indicates posting status when posting
  • New: Image caching via view.php
  • Fixed: Don't let popons save position with top<0
  • Fixed: Bad form pre-fill when tripcodes have spaces
  • Fixed: Thread delete input shows up on mod page, even if not authorized
  • Fixed: URL self-discovery in tilde-account installations
  • Fixed: pager counting problem when category specified for keyword/search queries
  • Fixed: RSS feed cache detection and handling
  • Fixed: Cache detection bug
2005-08-03 - v0.9.3
Major revision: database connection has been abstracted via PEAR::DB. Ochiba has been tested with and now supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Compatibility for other databases that PEAR::DB supports is untested. Note: due to lack of views in MySQL prior to version 5, stats are not currently available for MySQL installations.
Also new in this release is a Javascript based slideshow. It will present a slideshow of all images found on the page on which it was invoked.
  • New: Database abstraction (PEAR)
  • New: Slideshow
  • Fixed: minor stats counting bug
2005-06-26 - v0.9.2
Major revision, all files have modifications (including site.tmpl). Improvements focus on end-user interface enhancements:
  • New: Default theme now has menu on left (see theme "classic" for original horizontal menu)
  • New: New verification image code
  • New: install.php check's for HTML_Template_IT
  • New: Category selection in search/keyword
  • New: Keyword references via >>> linked in custom.php
  • New: Pre-submit check of verification codes
  • New: User prefs interface
  • New: User-specified timezone adjustment (prefs)
  • New: Interface popups can use "popon" (dynamically generated iframe) or (default) popup windows
  • New: Dynamically generated, user-selectable styles menu selection in prefs
  • New: Sage'd indicator
  • New: Popular keywords listing (FEATURE_STATS_POPULAR)
  • Changed: Reorganized stylesheets (base.css + themes)
  • Fixed: >> links broken in search results (site.tmpl)
2005-04-03 - v0.9.1
Minor revision. Includes the following feature enhancements and fixes:
  • New: Administrative thread deletion
  • New: Multiple uploads per POST
  • New: Thread truncation to X most recent in category pages
  • Fixed: stats counting bug where total posts was only counting posts with files attached
  • Fixed: FEATURE_RESTRICTED_POSTING now disallows non-image thread starters
  • Fixed: comment highlighting so when you click on a 2nd one, the 1st one is de-highlighted
  • Fixed: Only ADMINS can flush the cache
  • Fixed: Animated indicator in replies
  • Fixed: Stats top images list doesn't included non-image entries
  • Fixed: ADMINS can modify parent
  • Fixed: bug trying to recognize file type when zipped files with spaces in their names are uploaded
  • Fixed: Flushing cache would delete the cache directory altogether if permissions allow
  • Fixed: failure to move something next to another entry that had already been moved.
  • Fixed: Paths in RSS feed incorrect if ochiba installed in subdirectory of document root
  • Tweak: Category labelling in "/all"
  • Tweak: Cache dir check non-fatal in install.php
  • Tweak: minor template/css stuff
2004-12-31 - v0.9
Initial release. There isn't much error reporting; many things will just return an empty page on error. More will be slowly added in.